"For me, the most important lesson
[of the Freedom Movement] is that by respecting the fact that fellow activists could passionately disagree over strategy and tactics—yet remain allies—they strengthened SNCC and the Movement as a whole."
From Bruce Hartford's article in the current issue of Urban Habitat.
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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Letter from Avalos re: March 1st

As we have seen in the last few weeks, the spirit of the Occupy movement is alive and well. With everyday people pushing back on illegal foreclosures and the biggest banks circling the wagons to continue to protect their own interests against the outcry of public accountability. The people are chipping away and the small victories, like that of Monica Kenney (seen here: ) are adding up.

We're in it together and the top 1% need to pay their fair share so that all can have access to opportunity, education, housing and health care. In 2010, I sponsored a ballot measure to raise the real estate transfer tax on the highest end properties. That year, community and labor groups in SF came together to the measure's passage and just last week we learned that the measure has already raised $56M dollars! This new revenue has already helped protect after-school programs, senior services, and health access for those most in need in our City.

Now Californians have our sights on the taxing the wealthy statewide. This Thursday, I will be taking part in several local events in support of the March 1st Day of Action to kick off a 99 mile march for from SF to Sacramento for Education and Social Justice.

Come join us at Civic Center Plaza this Thursday, March 1st anytime between 3 to 6pm, where we will be rallying in support of statewide ballot measures like the millionaires tax that would ensure that the wealthiest Californians make equitable contributions to education and public services which must provide the opportunity that many of us expect of this great state of California. A united labor and community can win again this November.

In Solidarity,


P.S. Please save the date: Friday, March 16, 11:30am. Join Karen and I at City Hall as I file my candidacy for a second term as District 11 Supervisor.

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