"For me, the most important lesson
[of the Freedom Movement] is that by respecting the fact that fellow activists could passionately disagree over strategy and tactics—yet remain allies—they strengthened SNCC and the Movement as a whole."
From Bruce Hartford's article in the current issue of Urban Habitat.
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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SFFS at SFSU - Fall 2012 Semester - visitors welcome!!

LAST UPDATED: September 28, 2012
Below is the course schedule of PLSI 357 at SFSU (Political Movements: Lessons from Freedom Summer).
This is the course that was developed over six summers as the SF Freedom School (2005-2010), which took place in the Parish Hall of St. Francis Lutheran Church.  This Fall (2012) will be the FOURTH time this course has been taught at SFSU.

Fall 2012 Class is at Hensil Hall room 439
MONDAYS and WEDNESDAYS from 2:10 to 3:50 pm

Textbook: Lessons from Freedom Summer  
The Southern Freedom Movement as a case study of how social movements happen, illustrating the Key Components of a successful social movement:
  • identifying the problem
  • doing your homework (research)
  • personal relationship and community building
  • building an infrastructure
  • development of local leadership
  • creating coalitions
  • strategic use of the arts
  • strategic use of nonviolent direct resistance
  • learning how to deal with the contradictions within the movement
  • Chude Allen
  • and being in the right historical moment.
August 29th : Community
Movie: When We Were Colored 

September 5th : The 1968 Strike and the 2012 Experimental College
Movie: SFSU on Strike 

September 10th: Black Labor History (infrastructure)

September 12th: Ida B. Wells and A. Philip Randolph (research and infrastructure)
Movie: 10,000 Men Named George 

September 17th: NAACP (infrastructure and research)
Movie: With All Deliberate Speed

September 19th : Why become an Activist?
Guest Speaker: Chude Allen

Wazir Peacock
September 24th: personal relationships, local leadership, identifying the problem
Movie: You Got to Move

September 26th : The Montgomery Bus Boycott - coalitions, local leadership and the strategic use of nonviolent direct action. Movie: Boycott (excerpts) 

October 1: Sit Ins and the formation of SNCC
Movie: When We Were Warriors 

October 3:  The Strategic Use of Nonviolent Direct Action
Guest Speaker: Bruce Hartford   

October 10:  Effective Communication Workshop
Guest Speakers: Will Nelson and Kelly Corwin, SFSU Exco students

October 15: Freedom Rides 
movie: Freedom Riders (excerpts) 

October  17: Freedom Rides
Guest Speaker: Mimi Real (Freedom Rider)  

October 22: The White Power Structure in Mississippi  

October 24: Freedom Summer – Mississippi 1960-63
Movie: Freedom Song 

October 29: Freedom Summer
Movie: Eyes on the Prize  

October 31: Guest Speaker: Wazir Peacock   

November 5: Lessons from Freedom Summer  

November 7:  Selma to Montgomery
Movie: Eyes on the Prize: Bridge to Freedom (excerpts)   

November 14: Guest Speaker: Jimmy Rogers (SNCC organizer in Lowndes County, Alabama)  

November 26: From Civil Rights to Black Power 
Movie: Orangeburg Massacre   

November 28: Guest Speaker: Phil Hutchings
SNCC, 1963-70, Georgia, Maryland, Tennessee
Phil was one of the most effective urban organizers of the Sixties and Seventies.  In 1966, he was the leading SNCC field secretary in Newark, NJ--"the urban Mississippi."  Phil became a national SNCC leader in 1968. He was actively involved in the anti-Vietnam War and peace movements and was one of the founders of the Venceramos Brigade. For many years, Phil lived in Detroit where he was involved in organizing young people around issues of education, community control of educational institutions and drug abuse. He was a regular columnist for the Guardian newspaper and a board member of PRSC, an organization in support of independence for Puerto Rico. After moving to the Bay Area of San Francisco, he has worked on organizing multi-racial/multi-ethnic coalitions (e.g., Black Alliance for Just Immigration, and Just Cause), neighborhood organizing and serves as a technical and financial consultant for non profit organizations. He was the grants director for the Vanguard Foundation. He is an active participant in the Bay Area Veterans of the CivilRights Movement and consultant to neighborhood organizations.

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