"For me, the most important lesson
[of the Freedom Movement] is that by respecting the fact that fellow activists could passionately disagree over strategy and tactics—yet remain allies—they strengthened SNCC and the Movement as a whole."
From Bruce Hartford's article in the current issue of Urban Habitat.
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Why We Can't Wait

The system of social inequality has and continues to be dictated by rich white Anglo-Saxon-Protestant American males who have manipulated the truth, distorted reality in order to impose their will upon their fellow human beings. One example of this falsification of true freedom is the Catholic Church. The Church tries to regulate the lives of Catholics by offering principles and values that relate to family and sexuality. But recent history shows that these principles and values have been violated by the very people who are responsible for inspiring adherence to them. Lately, the church has been under tense scrutiny because many priests have been molesting children for many years with the knowledge of their superiors. Furthermore, according to the principles that the Pope preaches, one is to abstain from having sex until one is married and one is to stay married unto death: that is the will of God. Yet, if this was true then the majority of Catholics would not lose their virginity so early in life, never get divorced and pedophiles would not have operated with impunity as priests.

Since the Church is unable to neither police its own nor inspire the behavior it demands of its flock, Catholics can no longer continue to believe that women should be punished because Eve gave Adam an apple. The reason for man’s fall from paradise is not a justification for perpetuating inequality and condemning women to be subservient to man. This story is as ludicrous as the one claiming that, out of all the women in the world, Mary was the only woman to give birth by Immaculate Conception throughout history. Since women have a new found freedom to a certain extent then what is being predicated in the bible is not actually true now that women have a voice and vote in what matters.

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